Contact us

if you want to know the availavility or make a reservation, send us this information, we will answer in 24 hours.

    General conditions:
    Sending this blank, we will tell you our rooms availability, but it is not a close reservation blank .
    These are our reservation conditions:
    Your request will be considered as a pre-reservation till the reception of the payment of your firt night of stay or a credit card number and expiration date.
    Then your reservation is ok.

    Conditions of cancelation:
    If you cancel your reservation, the charges will be:

    10 days before your arriving date: 10% of one night stay.
    Betwen 7 & 6 days before: 25% of one night stay
    Betwen 5 & 4 days before: 50% of one night stay.
    Less than 3 days: 100% of one night stay.